Miso Soup Broth with tofu and seaweeds 69kč
Vegetable Soup Broth with seasonal vegetables 129kč
Cauliflower soup Broth with cauliflower 179kč
Truffle soup 219kč


Vegetable salad with home-made sezame dressing 149Kč
Home-made salad with french style dressing 169Kč

Cold starters

Seasonal vegetables platter 189kč
Four tastes with various vegetables 189kč
FSalty boiled beans 149kč
Kimchi salad 129kč


Aubergine with teriyaki sauce 179kč
Baby Corn with teriyaki sauce 219kč
Green bean with shred mushroom 219kč
Fried king oyster mushroom with home-made sweet sauce 189kč
Fried tomatoes with cheese, pumpkin soup 249kč
White radish wrapped in chinese cabbage, vegetable broth 229kč

Main Course

ARisotto with black truffle and white truffle oil 289kč
rench grilled mushrooms with cheese 279kč
Stuffed portobello with rice, pepper sauce 319kč
Fried oyster mushroom 329kč
Fried rice with pineapple and vegetables 229kč
Home-made su ding vegetable sauce with rice 249kč
Fried udon noodles with vegetables and mushroom 239kč
Fried ramen noodles with vegetables 229kč
Mild soup with udon noodles, moyashi sprouts, tomatoes 259kč


Almonds with coconut milk 169kč
Chinese pastry platter 129kč
Coconut and Tea Jelly 129kč
Mocha Ice Cream 129kč
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